Definition of Pascal's triangle in US English:

Pascal's triangle


  • A triangular array of numbers in which those at the ends of the rows are 1 and each of the others is the sum of the nearest two numbers in the row above (the apex, 1, being at the top).

    • ‘One of these is Pascal's triangle which gives the coefficients needed to expand sums of unknowns up to the eighth power.’
    • ‘Of course this table is none other than Pascal's triangle for finding the binomial coefficients despite being viewed from a different angle from the way we build it up today.’
    • ‘Since Pascal's triangle can be generated by a simple geometric procedure, this method shows that there is geometric structure beneath questions of probability.’
    • ‘His use of a generalised version of Pascal's triangle is also explained.’
    • ‘He gives what today is called Pascal's triangle, up to the sixth row, saying that he learnt it from her treatise.’