Definition of Pascal in English:


(also pascal)


  • A high-level structured computer programming language used for teaching and general programming.

    • ‘The full component source is useful, but because all the components were written in Delphi, they might be a bit hard to understand if you are not a Pascal buff.’
    • ‘All calculations were performed on a Power Macintosh G3 using a Pascal program written by the author.’
    • ‘I will confront the major criticisms of the language, explaining the origin and inaccuracy of the many myths about Pascal.’
    • ‘In the April 2001 issue I read a presentation of Kylix, which I have been waiting for, being a Pascal and Delphi programmer, but the price of these two commercial products has made it impossible for my budget.’
    • ‘Pascal went far beyond its original design goals, with commercial use of the language often exceeding academic interest.’

Definition of pascal in English:



  • The SI unit of pressure, equal to one newton per square meter (approximately 0.000145 pounds per square inch, or 9.9 × 10⁶ atmospheres)

    • ‘It also has to cope with pressures between 105 and 109 pascals, as well as contaminants including metal particles and soot.’
    • ‘An alternative unit for expressing blood pressures, which has not been widely adopted in clinical practice, is the SI unit, the pascal or kilopascal One kPa is approximately 7.5 mm Hg.’
    • ‘Force to break or ultimate tensile strength measured in newtons/m2 or pascals is increasingly criticized as an inferior measure of adhesion.’
    • ‘For water, the critical point occurs at a temperature of 705.2°F and a pressure of 2.21 x 10 pascals.’
    • ‘All pressures are given in pascals consistent with the units used in the simulations.’


1950s: named after B. Pascal(see Pascal, Blaise).