Definition of pas de basque in English:

pas de basque


  • 1A ballet step in three beats, with a circular movement of the front leg on the second beat.

    • ‘As the band goes ta-ra to summon the first dancers on to the floor the time comes to test whether or not the pas de basque has been mastered sufficiently well for the first set and turn to be executed without getting the corners muddled.’
    • ‘When she does her pas de basque she doesn't peel her foot off the floor in the back.’
    1. 1.1 (especially in jigs and reels) a step in three beats with one long and two short movements, transferring weight from one foot to the other.
      • ‘The Scots call it Pas de Basque, but it's basically the same thing.’
      • ‘I have danced bars 9-12 with pas de basque, rather than a walk forward in Scotland, but I now can't remember if this was how I was taught at school, or whether this was a style we did at university (St. Andrews).’


French, literally ‘step of a Basque’.


pas de basque

/ˌpä də ˈbäsk/