Definition of party politics in English:

party politics

plural noun

  • [treated as singular or plural] Politics that relate to political parties rather than to the good of the general public.

    • ‘Though I do understand people who have zero faith in the political system not voting as a protest against party politics.’
    • ‘In many ways, his is a fine and progressive approach, which elevates party politics above the damaging and pointless battles of the past.’
    • ‘The idea of having cross-party cabinet members may in time serve to show that there is no room for party politics in local government.’
    • ‘As Mr Shirley has said, the security of the realm should transcend party politics.’
    • ‘Even if party politics is an indestructible truth, people do not feel like being trapped by it right now.’
    • ‘I hope politicians of all persuasions can put Australia's safety and welfare above party politics.’
    • ‘They may feel that the mentality is right but party politics is involved and that's when the barbarism gets really dangerous.’
    • ‘The local people know very well that where their issues are concerned, I place their views above party politics.’
    • ‘It must be lifted above the mire of party politics and viewed as a national security issue of great importance.’
    • ‘The relative economic decline continued and the politicians and party politics were associated with failure.’
    • ‘Parties based on political interests simply twist party politics and lead to more divisiveness.’
    • ‘He called upon the rural people to rise above party politics for the overall development of their respective areas.’
    • ‘Every politician that plays party politics at the expense of the interests of the people of Taiwan is responsible.’
    • ‘Contrary to what Mr Craig seems to be alleging, this cause is above party politics.’
    • ‘This afternoon I want to talk about an issue that should concern the whole House and should be above petty party politics.’
    • ‘He has no dream of a democracy that sometimes rises above shallow, petty party politics and actually does great things.’
    • ‘It is a moral problem that has been driven by party politics and politicians in recent times.’
    • ‘Not one person I had spoken to had mentioned party politics.’
    • ‘This is without taking into account the backdrop of party politics.’
    • ‘They have all played party politics while the officers of the council have tried to cope with situations beyond their control.’
    political beliefs, political leanings, political sympathies, political views, party politics, political alliance
    government, local government, affairs of state, public affairs, diplomacy, party politics
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party politics

/ˈpärdē ˈpälətiks/