Definition of party political broadcast in English:

party political broadcast


  • A television or radio program on which a representative of a political party presents material intended to foster support for it.

    • ‘But I also note his politician's skill in turning outrage into a party political broadcast.’
    • ‘Having concluded that the law on the topic did not need to be clarified, the Court did not think that the case was a suitable vehicle for guidance on the content of party political broadcasts to be given.’
    • ‘A politician-free party political broadcast - one of two produced - borrowed heavily from one used by Labour in 1997.’
    • ‘When I used to cover party political broadcasts for Radio 4, Tony would get genuinely moved; you could see the dampness in the eyes.’
    • ‘According to Sheridan Edwards, the show's coordinator, this will consist of up to 75% more material including some rather topical, if somewhat unorthodox, party political broadcasts.’
    • ‘‘It was a party political broadcast,’ the man roared.’
    • ‘The announcement, ‘There will now be a party political broadcast…’ prompts most people to switch the television off.’
    • ‘I have an objection to the British National Party using something I wrote in their party political broadcasts.’
    • ‘One of the political parties has made a party political broadcast that the BBC and UTV believe does not follow one of the guidelines.’
    • ‘The main election propaganda allowed was unspun party political broadcasts - speeches read directly to microphone by leading politicians.’
    • ‘Essentially national in focus, the launch presaged five weeks of campaigning, focusing on relentlessly negative attacks on Michael Howard in a series of party political broadcasts not featuring the Prime Minister himself once.’
    • ‘It's worth spending a few minutes reading the transcripts of past party political broadcasts.’
    • ‘So much of the Conservative campaign is desperate, not least their party political broadcasts which have plumbed new depths in negativism and prejudice.’
    • ‘In a party political broadcast for the June 10 local and European elections, Labour tonight deploys the stirring hymn's soundtrack against dismal images depicting the Thatcher decade of the 1980s and the Major years of the 1990s.’
    • ‘In a party political broadcast last night, the Prime Minister signalled that democratising local services is part of a wider agenda by urging people to ‘get involved in your local community’.’
    • ‘This was a party political broadcast if ever there was one, and it was wrong.’
    • ‘That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Fettlington branch of the Green Party.’
    • ‘Just when things were returning to normal, the Tories decided to unleash a second bombshell - their latest party political broadcast.’
    • ‘There's a particularly good chapter on party political broadcasts.’
    • ‘But the more you add to the list, the more it sounds like a spoof party political broadcast.’


party political broadcast