Definition of party line in US English:

party line


  • 1A policy, or the policies collectively, officially adopted by a political party.

    ‘they rarely fail to toe the party line’
    as modifier ‘a party-line voter’
    • ‘Sectarian organizations with party lines and hierarchical, anti-democratic structures disrupt attempts to move forward collectively.’
    • ‘Councillors voted along party lines, with seven Tories against the scheme and five Liberal Democrats in favour.’
    • ‘She had to speak with authority in support of the party line to keep her official position in the government.’
    • ‘The official party lines seem to be that if they dismiss the BNP out of hand, all the voters will do the same.’
    • ‘In case you can't imagine the extent to which the politicians who come on that show mouth the party line, I have inside information.’
    • ‘The split, however, may not be across political party lines.’
    • ‘I can tell members that the committee divided clearly on party lines.’
    • ‘I can't place all the blame on Rove and company - these are tendencies that have metastasized across party lines in the modern political era.’
    • ‘Second, I want to reach across party lines and speak to Democrats in both houses.’
    • ‘Jan is also concerned that existing political parties are under pressure to toe the national party line rather than focus on the local picture.’
    • ‘The councillors, cutting across party lines, seem to be with her in sprucing up the city and in cracking down on pavement encroachers, which is seen to be a politically sensitive issue.’
    • ‘‘Many candidates have views that differ from political party lines and people vote for individuals, so we were not happy with that,’ said Ms Fleming.’
    • ‘While major divisions existed between republicans and monarchists, these were not cleanly organized across party lines.’
    • ‘Dissidents, or anyone not toeing the party line, are regularly rounded up.’
    • ‘Toeing the party line is a requirement for any aspiring politician, and the leader is boss.’
    • ‘Moreover, there are often only minor differences in the opinions of candidates on space policy, even across party lines.’
    • ‘A revolution, especially a transnational one, needs ideologues, pamphlets and party lines to articulate its message to the world.’
    • ‘Fundamentally, the Act was designed to enhance the power of the party leaderships and ensure that MPs toed the party line.’
    • ‘Most of them loyally toe the party line for the sake of their careers.’
    • ‘The amendment would prevent any form of disciplinary action against an MP who votes contrary to party lines.’
    policy, programme, manifesto, plan, plan of action, principles, tenets, objectives, aims
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  • 2A telephone line or circuit shared by two or more subscribers.

    • ‘It's like the difference between regular telephone lines and the old party lines that put a bunch of houses all on one line.’
    • ‘Instead, he/she rang all the phones on the party line, giving three rings if the call was for number three, four rings for number four and so on.’
    • ‘These were all party lines on which everyone up and down the line could, and did, listen in!’
    • ‘E. used to have the best job a gossip could hope for - telephone operator in a small town in the days of party lines.’
    • ‘The phone was a party line which closed at midnight from Monday to Saturday and at 8 p.m. on Sundays.’


party line

/ˈpɑrdi ˌlaɪn//ˈpärdē ˌlīn/