Definition of party animal in English:

party animal


  • A very gregarious and outgoing person who enjoys parties and similar social activities.

    ‘a buzzing bar makes this a good place for party animals’
    • ‘The DJs began a non-stop performance that pumped up adrenalin levels as the party animals began rocking to the lively rhythm.’
    • ‘She is normally a shy person - not a party animal who goes binge drinking on holiday.’
    • ‘Police rounded up 21 party animals and tested them for drug use.’
    • ‘We're party animals here, so we make music for the party people.’
    • ‘They have some kind of reputation over here for being like wild and crazy party animals or something.’
    • ‘The eclectic mix of trance, tabla and the violin euphony left the raving party animals craving for more.’
    • ‘I used to be much more of a party animal.’
    • ‘Organise some food, invite all party animals, move your television into the living room and it's gonna be one party that you'll always remember.’
    • ‘Every song is guaranteed to get a groan from the dance floor but will also turn even the most rooted wallflower into a party animal.’
    • ‘She's a party animal who's never read a book in her life; he's an aspiring novelist who demands absolute quiet for his work.’
    • ‘Somehow, none of the party animals notices that he's drinking non-alcoholic brew.’
    • ‘There comes a point in life when being a party animal just doesn't cut it anymore in the personal-fulfillment department.’
    • ‘Jessica is beautiful and wild, a party animal with a taste for fast cars and expensive clothes.’
    • ‘Only four years prior did I finally get rid of the "geek boy" image and discover the joys of being a party animal and I wasn't going to threaten it through law school.’
    • ‘There are various alternatives available for the party animals in the happening city.’
    • ‘There's plenty more for party animals on New Year's eve.’
    • ‘She is no party animal and likes reading and listening to classical music.’
    • ‘For party animals who want to stay up all night and carouse, no one is stopping them.’
    • ‘We had a great time man, Justin's a party animal.’
    • ‘This party animal spoils her sister's wedding, leaving the bridal limo as smashed as she is.’
    outgoing person, sociable person, life and soul of the party, socializer, mixer, mingler, social butterfly, socialite
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