Definition of parting shot in English:

parting shot


  • A final remark, typically a cutting one, made by someone at the moment of departure.

    ‘as her parting shot she told me never to phone her again’
    • ‘And then, in a Cantona-esque parting shot: ‘If there's a battle you are on top of the hill.’’
    • ‘I think, as a parting shot, she told me to ‘huff off!’’
    • ‘More than once the parents refused to believe their offspring were capable of misbehaviour and blamed society, with a parting shot: ‘I could never do anything with him or her anyway’.’
    • ‘It now seems likely that Kay's parting shots will overshadow whatever conclusions the ISG eventually reaches.’
    • ‘‘Here it is not the question of profit or loss, but the support I get from the public, which I feel is the driving force behind my protest,’ is his parting shot.’
    • ‘His fellow team at ‘GMA’ sent him off with parting gifts and some parting shots, as they showed some of his memorable moments.’
    • ‘Then a flash of inspiration hits her, and she spins around to offer a final parting shot.’
    • ‘As a parting shot, my wife, who has to buy small or petite sizes here in the States, has to buy large sizes when we travel in Europe - this is how skewed America's sense of health is.’
    • ‘Or put it their way, playing the gangster card for so long - arguably too long - they called the parting shots.’
    • ‘Jonah is right, other than his parting shot at DC.’
    • ‘Darryl mounted Firedancer and rode past them, but he couldn't resist a final parting shot.’
    • ‘Loki only had a moment to make a parting shot at Trev before they got lost in the city streets.’
    • ‘Somewhat ironically, one of his parting shots was, ‘Another thing that got to me was that chart music in this country is terrible.’’
    • ‘His parting shot - the declaration of his resolve to join hands with the Government employees to fight against the Government - came as a rude jolt to the Ministers present.’
    • ‘The associate director of a theatre company based in Chiswick about to stage it's last production, fired a parting shot this week at local residents he believes have shown little interest in supporting them.’
    • ‘And in his sign-off, the veteran journalist took a parting shot at the industry that increasingly values entertainment over news.’
    • ‘As a parting shot I wonder if Terri will get to walk up the aisle.’
    • ‘At the same time, it was a parting shot at my mother's hostile family, a sad little act of revenge on people who would not be there to see it.’
    • ‘In a parting shot he has called on the Government to abolish national tests for seven-year-olds as well as school league tables based on test results for 11, 14, and 16 year olds.’
    • ‘Then, as a final parting shot, he leans over to look at my store catalogue and advises me on what type of music system to buy.’
    concluding remark, final remark, final say, closing statement, parting shot, parthian shot
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