Definition of particularize in US English:


(British particularise)


[with object]formal
  • Mention or describe particularly; treat individually or in detail.

    ‘he was unable to particularize what amounts he had paid and when’
    • ‘Waldman particularizes these forces contributing to female power and sexuality with letters and interviews to her specific, local family - her father, her childhood.’
    • ‘The judgment particularizes this case as one in which an absence of threats or application of force mitigates the seriousness of the offence.’
    • ‘We want to make sure that system is even more refined and the secretary has even more responsibility - pardon me, authority to regionalize and particularize the information.’
    • ‘The non-compliance was in failing to particularise the date and the specific circumstances in which the statement or statements had been made by Davis to Ross but…’
    • ‘Then, in Article 6 and 6, it particularizes certain aspects of that right for those charged with a criminal offence.’
    • ‘Nor do I particularise the stimulating ‘Viva Brasil!’’
    • ‘However, that Affidavit also refers to her financial information attached which she says particularizes her income and that shows income of $1, 400.00 per month, or $16, 800.00 per year.’
    • ‘It should be supported by a statement of charge specifying the misconduct alleged and particularising it, just as is the process, for example, in a contempt proceedings in the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘The Christological inflection, however, particularizes these common nouns by the use of the definite article.’
    • ‘Three names stand out as artists who have repeatedly reached beyond the common themes of romantic love and particularized domestic relations in their songs.’
    • ‘The handwriting specifies and particularises the act of writing.’
    • ‘In explaining the reasons for his desire to work as a doctor in rural Tennessee, Verghese provides a glimpse into the medical profession and the value to be gained from particularizing its seemingly undifferentiated edifice.’
    • ‘SCL's claims were particularised in detail in each of the RODs.’
    • ‘Ibn Sina's criticism was based on the assumption that if substance were capable of intensification and diminution, the species that determines and particularizes it would either remain the same or change into another species.’
    • ‘But the painting is also an elaborate joke: this casual encounter not only particularizes the Greek myth of man's harnessing of fire, but it's also a send-up.’
    • ‘Devoted to the portrayal of young people, Dawoud Bey increasingly particularizes the humanity of his subjects, a feat more easily said than done.’
    • ‘Here the figure of the dog captures the tension between holding on and letting go, particularizing the struggle to comprehend what love isn't and is.’
    • ‘The description that follows particularizes the female subject in a plainly erotic manner.’
    • ‘In cultural terms, it signals an individual's inevitable mediation with the hegemonic regime of commodification and consumption that either universalizes desires or particularizes traditions.’
    • ‘‘Specifying it, particularizing it, nailing meaning down, was futile’.’
    specify, detail, itemize, list, enumerate, spell out, be specific about, cite, stipulate, instance, distinguish
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