Definition of particularization in US English:


(British particularisation)


  • See particularize

    • ‘A closer examination reveals that it is more a particularisation of appropriate rules that have governed firearm use by police and the military in Britain, especially Northern Ireland, over many years.’
    • ‘So during the modern period, the particularisation of black people has been the constantly recurring invert of the universal character - real yet flawed - of capitalist society.’
    • ‘Such is the way with decayed corridors and vast, ever-expanding halls: a tangible indeterminacy transpires in which particularization erodes.’
    • ‘Specific particularization is exemplified by the tendency of workers to fall into the categories of those required to engage in cognitive activity and those doing routine work.’
    • ‘She decries this particularization of whiteness and sees it as seeking to minimize the impact of the pernicious exclusions and discriminations that people of color encounter on a day-to-day basis.’