Definition of particular solution in US English:

particular solution


  • The most general form of the solution of a differential equation, containing arbitrary constants.

    • ‘We can verify by substitution that two particular solutions of the difference equation are possible, Q n = 1 for all n and Q n = (q/p) n, and therefore the linear combination of these two particular solutions is also a solution,’
    • ‘This solution showed that there is a particular solution of Einstein's equations which allows time-travel to occur.’
    • ‘In the example of Fig.1, once a particular solution involving nine atoms is determined, 25 constraints are required.’
    • ‘The very fact of the non-uniqueness of a particular solution to a complex problem qualifies the whole idea of ‘perfection’.’
    • ‘However, a particular solution, valid for many types of fluid flow, was one of the key ingredients in the discovery of the basic principles of flight.’