Definition of partial derivative in US English:

partial derivative


  • A derivative of a function of two or more variables with respect to one variable, the other(s) being treated as constant.

    • ‘In this section, we explain the Hadamard transform and prove a number of technical lemmas expressing the partial derivatives of the likelihood function.’
    • ‘From this partial derivative we can get another picture of similarity in culture and workplace conditions between different regions of the world and the U.S. market.’
    • ‘The overall marginal impact on total costs of production of an incremental unit of output i is found by taking the partial derivative of the estimated cost function with respect to output i, at the sample means of the variables.’
    • ‘Cursory examination of run times also supports the importance of computing partial derivatives analytically rather than numerically.’
    • ‘But the concept of variation in this case is just that of a derivative, or more precisely, that of a partial derivative, with respect to each population's probability of extinction.’