Definition of parter in US English:



  • in combination A broadcast or published work with a specified number of parts.

    ‘the first in a six-parter’
    • ‘I thought the 'Year in Hell' two parter was pretty good.’
    • ‘This is a three parter.’
    • ‘It was six-parter, and that was it.’
    • ‘But this loses Brownie points cos I can't see why it needed to be a two parter, AND found the ending a little disappointing.’
    • ‘The two parter is already causing metal fatigue in anorak zippers across the Internet, and rumours abound.’
    • ‘The record's epic two-parter, "The Creator Has a Master Plan," is a free-form odyssey of hypnotic Nubian empowerment and exhilaratingly cacophonous percussion.’
    • ‘Rose didn't die today as it's a two parter.’
    • ‘All in all the story (a 6 parter on a single disc) rattles along at a fair old pace and is a very enjoyable slice of 1970's TV.’
    • ‘Mr BW watched the 4-parter the first time round and said it was excellent.’
    • ‘I have just remembered the Diagnosis Murder 2-parter where Jesse goes to a log cabin and is ' abducted by aliens '.’
    • ‘Brilliant, and the recently finished two parter was as creepy as anything on TV and definitely king of the pile.’
    • ‘I was reading your 3 parter from last week, and I kept reading that DVDs cost 3X the rental price to keep.’
    • ‘So… It seems this is a two parter.’
    • ‘Apparently it's a six parter but how the first episode got made, never mind broadcast, is beyond sense.’
    • ‘Please see Alex's two parter on the subject here and here.’
    • ‘The Lost Prince is a two parter for the BBC, to be transmitted next year, and once more stars Gambon.’
    • ‘Next summer, HBO will air the 10-parter Band of Brothers, based on Stephen Ambrose's non-fiction bestseller about a World War II U.S. Army unit.’
    • ‘They showed what I understood to be the second part of a three parter called Art and the 60s, and it was fascinating.’
    • ‘This was a quicky two parter created to fill some studio time and make up the weeks which were left on some of the actors' contracts.’