Definition of parrotlet in US English:



  • A tiny tropical American parrot with mainly green plumage and a short tail.

    Family Psittacidae: three genera, in particular Forpus and Touit, and several species

    • ‘We modeled the effect of breeding status separately for male and female parrotlets because we found significant differences between the sexes in their local survival and resighting rates.’
    • ‘Thus, parrotlets could be an exception that proves the rule, if estimates of their survivorship are comparable to those of temperate zone species, but are low within the range of survival expected for tropical birds.’
    • ‘LD fell in love with a parrotlet - a little Blue Pacific who adored him in return.’
    • ‘Although female and male parrotlets showed little difference in survival or site fidelity, this pattern is unlikely to hold for all tropical birds.’
    • ‘We investigated nestling sex ratio variation in the green-rumped parrotlet, a small neotropical parrot breeding in central Venezuela.’