Definition of parochially in US English:



  • See parochial

    • ‘New York is perhaps close, but it is too parochially American (although it is the least parochially American of all America's cities).’
    • ‘Nationally and parochially, the tide seems to have turned in favour of the men from the east.’
    • ‘There, my World Bank friend continued griping about how she thought her brains would melt if she stayed in Singapore for an extended period of time. She said it was amazing how parochially suburban Singaporeans tended to be.’
    • ‘My point: with something as esoteric and serendipitous as The Prisoner, a good chunk of its compelling oddness arises from the juxtaposition of parochially futuristic design and ideas which, even now, seem both apposite and radical.’
    • ‘I do dislike the common phrase ‘artistic license,’ especially for its parochially smug connotation (when used by scientists) that creative humanists care little for empirical accuracy.’