Definition of parliamentary law in US English:

parliamentary law


  • The rules that govern the conduct of legislatures and other deliberative bodies.

    • ‘President Julia Kimbrough (whose husband was a lawyer and judge) seemed especially to value the rules of parliamentary law.’
    • ‘Well, natural law is actually even more important than parliamentary law.’
    • ‘I do not think we should encrust the federal parliamentary law with unnecessary learning unless it is brought in by ‘within the meaning of the unwritten law, from time to time’.’
    • ‘In contrast, IT restrained by parliamentary laws could lead to wasteful litigation.’
    • ‘In addition, I will be one of three instructors teaching a basic course in parliamentary law and practice to prepare interested persons for entry into the field.’
    • ‘It is the State parliamentary law that imposes the discrimination.’
    • ‘The surviving evidence seems to confirm the effectiveness of the parliamentary laws, coupled as they were with the threat of prosecution.’
    • ‘Under parliamentary law, the House has given Wahid three months to respond to the accusations.’
    • ‘This event, which may seem familiar to many readers, left him determined never to attend another meeting until he knew something of parliamentary law.’
    • ‘He said under parliamentary law, it was a breach of privilege and contempt of either House to obstruct, insult or molest a member while in the execution of his duties.’
    • ‘Only South Australia's parliamentary law operates as parliamentary law in that territory to govern what I am about to do - so for prospective guidance.’
    • ‘Both regional and national representatives should be elected as the parliamentary law stipulates.’
    • ‘She became an expert in parliamentary law - cutting through red tape and also tangling red tape up to suit her purposes.’
    • ‘‘We were disappointed that the judge actually said that late, or ‘subsequent’ is the proper word, parliamentary law can overrule previous existing law.’
    • ‘These are based on certain secular ideals and centuries of evolving common and parliamentary laws.’
    • ‘Given his high standing in the Australian community, I asked him whether his public statements were intended to influence governments and parliamentary law.’