Definition of parkade in US English:



  • A multistory parking garage.

    • ‘The resident called police, who blocked the ground level entrance to the parkade.’
    • ‘Parking is horribly overpriced at $7 a pop in the lots and parkades, but worse is the lack of it.’
    • ‘Seeing as how I was being billed by the hour in the parkade, I asked the security clowns if I would have to pay for the time I was being booted.’
    • ‘And while much of that parking will be contained within a mall parkade, that structure wasn't finished in time for Aberdeen's mid-December opening.’
    • ‘The development company wants to build a cinema on top of its parkade, but the project will violate the district's Area Redevelopment Plan by making the building too tall.’
    • ‘I'm calling to report a suspicious object in the parkade of the Metropolitan Opera.’
    • ‘The top of the parkade is level with our office windows.’
    • ‘The parkades will replace surface parking lots displaced by academic buildings.’
    • ‘The lack of signage alerting drivers to the presence of pedestrians or children within the parkade has led to the fear that someone may be hit by a speeding car, or attacked by a robber or child predator.’
    • ‘Once completed, the multi-storey parkade will boast a total of 1800 parking bays.’
    • ‘Andrew pumped his shotgun and led the students towards the parkade of the airport.’
    • ‘The parkade will become a pseudo-amphitheatre with audience members sitting above the stage on seats provided by the company, or on their own lawn chairs if they choose.’
    • ‘‘The best place to see it is from the parkade on Rice Howard Way,’ he says.’
    • ‘The middle level serves as the main entrance to the building and provides a public walkway that links the multi-storey parkade to the terminal.’
    • ‘A new hospital could be built over the parkade that is located near St. Georges Avenue and East 15th Street, she said.’
    • ‘These neatly landscaped grounds will be largely empty of people, who will usually enter and leave the towers by car from the gaping maw of a parkade off the Ring Road.’
    • ‘As for future parking provisions, a shortage of land and environmental concerns means any new spaces will be in parkades.’
    • ‘This month, the Liberal government announced they would tear down the Cordova side of the building and renovate the parkade.’
    • ‘I think the one that's really obvious is when he's running through the parkade and it's yellow.’
    • ‘This seems to be a Vancouver obsession, our proud contempt for a little moisture, like UBC's Chan Centre, which also exposes patrons to the elements between parkade and theatre.’


1940s: from park, on the pattern of arcade.