Definition of paring knife in US English:

paring knife


  • A small knife used mainly for peeling fruits and vegetables.

    • ‘Stripped of their tough skins with a vegetable peeler or paring knife, broccoli stems make a delicious, slightly crunchy addition to any broccoli dish.’
    • ‘Scour it first with a stiff brush then peel the rind with a paring knife.’
    • ‘With the drumstick peel back the meat from the fat end with a paring knife until the bone is removed.’
    • ‘Another paring knife stained with blood was found in the kitchen.’
    • ‘Hands down, my most commonly used kitchen knife is the 3-to 4-inch blade paring knife.’
    • ‘A simple vegetable peeler or paring knife produces similar strips, but you will probably need to scrape away the bitter white pith on the underside.’
    • ‘He would hand out cutting boards, shaped like either pigs or fish, to the customers, then paring knives.’
    • ‘As we settled in with paring knives for the first batch, you asked how big the apple chunks should be.’
    • ‘Cut them into 2-inch slices, then carefully peel the slices with a paring knife and cut each slice into 2-inch pieces.’
    • ‘With a paring knife, cut small stars (about 1 1/2 inches in diameter).’
    • ‘Test by piercing the lasagna with a paring knife.’
    • ‘I retrieved the alcohol from the bathroom, sprayed the label on one new pair of jeans, waited a minute or two, got a paring knife out of the drawer in the kitchen - and presto!’
    • ‘Unmold the panna cotta by running a paring knife around the edge and inverting the ramekin onto a plate.’
    • ‘I set up the board and pull out my bread knife, my chef's knife, my paring knife and my peeler.’
    • ‘Thus, when Rachel arrives, she will find that I have already removed the large Chinese style cleaver for my own protection and she will have to fight off the zombies with a selection of paring knives and apple corers.’
    • ‘Come autumn, a sharp paring knife makes quick work of such tasks as peeling fruit and carving jack-o-lanterns.’
    • ‘When you're ready to cook, check to see if the stalks are stringy; if they are, peel them back with a paring knife and discard the coarsest strings.’
    • ‘Journalists should be working with paring knives.’
    • ‘Except where noted, only a chef's knife or paring knife are used in any of the methods.’
    • ‘Quarter the apples, then peel and cut away the core with a small paring knife.’


paring knife