Definition of parental in US English:



  • 1Relating to a person's parent or parents.

    ‘parental responsibility’
    ‘parental leave’
    • ‘Keep conversations focused on the kids to keep them out of the middle of parental comments.’
    • ‘It is easy to explain away not receiving parental affirmation or to put off admitting the obvious in our lives.’
    • ‘The origins of the character were steeped in repressed memories and parental abuse.’
    • ‘Child welfare is recommending that her parental rights be terminated.’
    • ‘All three stories focus on women with serious parental issues.’
    • ‘He has an overweight daughter, to whom he pays no real parental attention.’
    • ‘He is awakened to the fact that the only real parental love he has received has been from his nanny.’
    • ‘Lower parental income might also restrict access to funds for education among these youth.’
    • ‘His parents appear to act out of love, out of the parental instinct to protect their child.’
    • ‘These characters inhabit a sexless preadolescent world where the strongest emotion seems to be mindless rage against an unseen parental figure.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to an animal or plant from which new ones are derived.
      ‘parental roots in adult plants’
      • ‘One possibility leading to the skewed sex ratios for some bulls could be parental hormone levels.’
      • ‘The number of muscle cells is largely genetically determined by the parental genotype.’
      • ‘Local units began developing inbred parental lines and breeding stock that the seed trade would use to create proprietary varieties.’
      • ‘He has been evaluating 53 accessions of hairy vetch in the USDA germ plasm collection to identify plants useful as parental material.’
      • ‘When tested in experimentally infected pigs, this generated virus showed characteristics similar to its parental wild type.’
      • ‘Grown from scions of five parental families grafted onto a common rootstock, these new cacao trees yield more pods and beans than their parents.’
      • ‘Offspring were cured from parental diseases by the removing of the affected gene.’
      • ‘By evaluating 451 clover lines, they hope to find parental breeding material with these desirable characteristics.’
      • ‘He specializes in spawning the parental stocks.’
      • ‘A consumer evaluation, together with data from the larger study, could be used in choosing parental lines for producing improved varieties.’
    2. 1.2 Denoting an organization or company which owns or controls a number of subsidiaries.
      ‘the decision to sever ties with the parental organization’
      • ‘The president now proposes to convert the current program into the parental version of the defined-contribution plan.’
      • ‘The construct of parental company liability has been left intact.’
      • ‘Goal congruity between parental firms has a positive influence on personal attachment, while cultural distance between them exerts a negative effect.’
      • ‘The brand does not seem to be pushing its parental pedigree.’
      • ‘The application of parental company liability has significant effects on leniency applications, which should be carefully considered by corporate groups.’
      • ‘A popular contractual enhancement is the parental guarantee—a promise on the part of the parent corporation to be responsible for the debts of its corporate subsidiary.’
      • ‘They reacquired the parental business and entered into a new partnership.’
      • ‘Joint ventures are treated very much like subsidiaries when it comes to parental liability.’
      • ‘The commission prefers to bypass pure ‘intermediate companies’, even if 100 per cent parental control is exercised indirectly through them.’
      • ‘Hotel bookings, transportation, corporate get-togethers, product launches, etc. would be taken care of by the parental company.’


the parentals
  • A person's parents.

    ‘I may revisit this diner if the parentals are in town’