Definition of pardonably in US English:



  • See pardonable

    • ‘And he has, I think, ceased to be of any use to young people who might pardonably doubt the official story.’
    • ‘Griffey's father Ken Sr., then with the Reds, most pardonably joined in the raves as he said, ‘Kenny is impressive in all the five important categories in the game (hitting for average, hitting with power, running, throwing, fielding).’’
    • ‘If he had hoped to hurt my feelings by uttering these ‘slurs,’ he only succeeded in a fashion he didn't really intend (i.e., by challenging my antiracist credentials, of which he was pardonably unaware).’
    • ‘And in that case, one might pardonably wonder (though this is not the place to pursue the question), does he need to exist at all?’
    • ‘Returning to Italy, it becomes clear that Eliza Acton and Mrs Beeton were pardonably unsure in this matter.’