Definition of paratyphoid in US English:



  • A fever resembling typhoid but caused by different (though related) bacteria.

    The bacteria are species of the genus Salmonella, in particular (in humans) S. paratyphi

    • ‘In 2004, nine people contracted typhoid and paratyphoid fever, seven picked up malaria, two people got leprosy and there was one case of cholera.’
    • ‘During the same campaign 3,000 Chinese prisoners-of-war were allegedly given food injected with typhoid and paratyphoid before being returned to their own lines.’
    • ‘The vaccine employed was designed to immunize against cholera, typhoid, paratyphoid, and dysentery.’
    • ‘He published many papers on, for example, paratyphoid fever, food poisoning, the efficacy of new antibiotics, and cross infection in hospitals.’