Definition of parasiticide in English:



  • A substance used in medicine and veterinary medicine to kill parasites (especially those other than bacteria or fungi)

    • ‘One of the most effective treatments is a parasiticide that is applied to a small area at the back of the neck.’
    • ‘‘This means,’ says Gasbarre, ‘that growers can reduce their use of parasiticides by removing or treating the few high-parasite animals once they're identified.’’
    • ‘Wormers accounted for 26% of the market, biologicals for 20% and external parasiticides for 10%.’
    • ‘We don't use any commercial fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, parasiticides, antibiotics, or growth hormones.’
    • ‘Arsenic compounds, commonly used in non-organic poultry feed as growth promoters and parasiticides, are linked to high incidence of cancer and other illnesses in areas where poultry litter containing arsenic is used as fertilizer.’
    disinfectant, germicide, bactericide, preservative
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