Definition of parasail in US English:



[no object]often as noun parasailing
  • Glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat.

    • ‘Catalina, as it is popularly called, is full of outdoor activities, including sailing, snorkeling, biking, fishing, parasailing, horeseback riding, and, of course, hiking.’
    • ‘Outdoor sports are not only rock climbing or trekking but also include paragliding, hot-air ballooning and parasailing.’
    • ‘Visitors can surfboard, swim, parasail, fish, or watch the local wildlife.’
    • ‘She stands stiff, feet together, as the parachute pulls her into the air, making her possibly the first Inuk woman to parasail in the Arctic.’
    • ‘And guess what - over the weekend we're going to go parasailing!’
    • ‘Excursions here ranged from parasailing and a cross-island four-wheel-drive adventure to a Tahitian feast and a whale-watching cruise.’
    • ‘Go swimming or enjoy water sports such as wind surfing, ride a water scooter, parasail or take a speed boat ride, even water skiing is possible.’
    • ‘This apart, a five-day residential camp for aero sports enthusiasts has also been planned in association with the Bangalore Aerospace Private Ltd. Participants can experience parasailing and flying.’
    • ‘The middle act is more reflective, even surreal, as Bill details his adventures parasailing in the Caribbean while under the influence.’
    • ‘Other activities in and around Chamonix include mountain biking, parasailing and ice-skating.’
    • ‘A seven-day cruise stops at three to five islands and offers everything from horseback riding to parasailing to hikes through historic ruins.’
    • ‘Besides diving, we had many other entertainment choices, such as fishing, surfing, jungle exploration, parasailing, helicopter flights, banana boat trips, even submarine expeditions.’
    • ‘For the first time, 66 selected cadets were given a chance to participate in parasailing, an adventure sport.’
    • ‘You can backpack, horseback ride, parasail and so on.’
    • ‘Now, am I supposed to be impressed if you parasail around the world or skydive into a volcano?’
    • ‘We'll get Ashley and Ryder together and go parasailing or something.’
    • ‘Water sports, from yachting to parasailing and skiing, a children's amusement park, and many fine restaurants complete the picture.’
    • ‘You may also hook up to go hiking, parasailing or jogging together.’
    • ‘You can test your skills at a shooting range, go parasailing, paddle a canoe or hike on a mountain trail.’
    • ‘In addition, I had already made plans to go parasailing on the last day of our trip, which I had to cancel because of the flight change.’


  • A parachute designed for parasailing.

    • ‘Then last month, after a little Internet research, Hess invested in a parasail and began offering a one-of-a-kind Arctic experience.’
    • ‘This is particularly true of the film's climax, which somehow manages to demolish several cop cars, and find Ellen clutching a parasail and jumping through flaming hoops in water skis, yet still be completely unfunny.’
    • ‘Yes, we know, it contradicts everything you've heard about going up on the roof with a parasail, but trust us.’
    • ‘Wing Commander Rao plans to conduct it in a big way in the form of a regular training camp next year by providing a double rope to make the parasail touch a height of 100 ft.’
    • ‘Two women, in their mid-40s, traveled 1,717 miles of frozen, mountainous, treacherous terrain on skis and parasails.’
    • ‘There is a man trying to get a parasail working, it is like a giant kite that he is sitting in.’
    • ‘His parasail went into an uncontrollable spin.’
    • ‘When the pods split open, hordes of seeds, each with their own fluffy parasail, are carried away on the breeze to a new home.’
    • ‘One of the pilots had rented a parasail for his boat.’
    • ‘From his lofty perch, hanging over the slopes of Kilimanjaro under a parasail with razor sharp rocks below, Judge Bryan Pope gives this DVD a thumbs up.’
    • ‘A year after my father's accident, when I was eleven, my father's insurance company filed suit against the company that had rented out the parasail.’
    • ‘Supported by parents and friends, the youngsters tied the harness of the parasail and were airborne like their aspirations.’
    • ‘A longtime hang gliding aficionado, the Asotin-based flight instructor had flown just about every parasail, trike, plane and glider in every kind of setting.’
    • ‘Before one embarks on this high flying experience, the organisers supply a crash helmet, and a safety waist belt which is securely tied with a long and strong rope to the huge multi-coloured parasail.’