Definition of parapodial in US English:



  • See parapodium

    • ‘Either one or both parapodia were cut free from the body wall, taking care not to cut the parapodial nerves that connect the pedal ganglia to the periphery.’
    • ‘However, in parapodial motoneurons, the action potential is initiated at or near the soma and travels to the axon terminal.’
    • ‘However, a very key interneuron in Melibe resides in the pedal ganglion, as is the case in both of the parapodial flappers, Aplysia and Clione, but neither of the dorsal-ventral swimmers.’
    • ‘In Clione, an almost continuous parapodial swimmer, the basic CPG is fairly simple.’
    • ‘However, behaviors that are outwardly different, such as the lateral bending of Melibe or the parapodial flapping and undulations of Clione and Aplysia brasiliana differ in their neuronal substrate.’