Definition of parameterization in US English:


(British parameterisation) (also parametrization)


  • See parameterize

    • ‘The parameterization is generally carried out a priori using ab initio calculations on representative molecular clusters, although alternatives are possible.’
    • ‘For the aliphatic linker region, parameterization was straightforward because this region is chemically sufficiently similar to aliphatic groups in the GROMACS force field.’
    • ‘Our all-atom representation of the protein permits the parameterization of the free-energy landscape on the basis of physical interactions that are well understood for smaller systems.’
    • ‘Although it is reasonable to use the same distance criterion as in the parameterization of the statistical contact potentials, we applied all three criteria of Altuvia et al. to enable a direct comparison of the results.’
    • ‘For the heterogeneity model, the movement distributions of model fish fit well to those of real fish during the parameterization using the first 2 mo of data.’