Definition of parallel port in US English:

parallel port


  • A connector for a device that sends or receives several bits of data simultaneously by using more than one wire.

    Compare with serial port
    • ‘USB printers are all the rage nowadays, but some people might still want to print using their parallel port.’
    • ‘The parallel port has eight data lines and four control lines which can be used for output.’
    • ‘Each system includes a 32-bit microprocessor core, a 10/100 Ethernet media interface controller, serial and parallel ports, and several other hardware components.’
    • ‘The laptop, however, doesn't have Ethernet, so it connects to my central Linux system using a cable between the parallel ports.’
    • ‘On the back of the AOpen XC cube we find two ps2 connectors, a serial- and parallel port connector and a vga-out.’


parallel port

/ˈpɛrəlɛl ˈpɔrt/