Definition of papyrologist in US English:



  • See papyrology

    • ‘The very earliest papyrus fragment of any part of the New Testament contains a few verses from John 18; by analysing closely the writing, ink and layout, papyrologists date it at about AD 130.’
    • ‘German papyrologist Carsten Thiede an expert in Greek palaeography, maintains the dating of three small fragments of the gospel of Matt.26 to 66 A.D.’
    • ‘The papyrologist told me that he now generally prefers to work with digital images of papyri, as they can be moved around and rearranged at will, and the ability to alter contrast levels makes the digital images easier to read than ordinary photographs.’
    • ‘The society has been remarkable for the range of participants attending its conferences, who range from Hebraist scholars, poets, prelates, translators, papyrologists to those who simply admire the Bible.’