Definition of papular in US English:



  • See papule

    • ‘Two thirds of patients have a dermatitis with one or multiple, usually asymptomatic lesions that progress from macular to papular and finally vesicular, or pustular.’
    • ‘Acne can be classified into four main types: purely comedonal that is, non-inflammatory acne mild papular, scarring papular, and nodular or scarring acne.’
    • ‘Keratoacanthomas begin as papular lesions, enlarging over two to four weeks to a size of 2 cm or more.’
    • ‘Patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection sometimes have papular or even nodular eruptions.’
    • ‘The most common lesions are papular lesions on the face, especially in the periorbital area and the nasolabial folds, and even the mucous membranes.’