Definition of Papua New Guinean in US English:

Papua New Guinean


  • Relating to or characteristic of Papua New Guinea or its people.

    ‘the Papua New Guinean flag’
    • ‘In the national election this year, three Papua New Guinean women won seats in the 111-member Parliament.’
    • ‘The Papua New Guinean scrum half is making rapid progress in the treatment room and could return to the starting line-up to take on the Rhinos.’
    • ‘The agreement will possibly lead to Thai investors investing in the Papua New Guinean agricultural and food sectors.’
    • ‘An overnight docking might involve a visit into remote Papua New Guinean territory to see a local tribe perform a traditional ceremony.’
    • ‘Local names were conferred on several beetles found in the Papua New Guinean rainforest, which is teeming with wildlife.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Papua New Guinea.

    ‘Papua New Guineans possess a conservation ethic’
    • ‘The Papua New Guineans started the second half with new resolve.’
    • ‘Costigan is not the first Papua New Guinean to sign for the Robins.’
    • ‘Australia looks forward to working with whichever government Papua New Guineans elect.’
    • ‘He said that the vast majority of Papua New Guineans (more than 80 per cent) rely on agriculture.’
    • ‘His dilemma is that of a modern, professional Papua New Guinean closely connected to ancient networks.’


Papua New Guinean

/ˌpapo͝oə ˌn(y)o͞o ˈɡinēən//ˌpæpʊə ˌn(j)u ˈɡɪniən/