Definition of papillate in US English:



  • See papilla

    • ‘They also function as nectar secretion and storage organs; the inside surfaces of these ‘cups’ are strikingly papillate, probably indicating the site of nectar secretion.’
    • ‘Both cone types are of comparable size with helically arranged, imbricate microsporophylls, and have microsporophyll head abaxial cuticles with a thicker papillate central region and a thinner, nonpapillate marginal region.’
    • ‘The octopod can develop a papillate skin that stiffens for a short period and mimics various structures as a camouflage within its surrounding.’
    • ‘The internal row is variable in length, originating at the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth cusp of the middle row; the cusps are large and conspicuous posteriorly, but become smaller anteriorly, eventually grading into a papillate ridge.’
    • ‘The internal cusps are bulbous and remain distinct throughout the row, rather than grading into a papillate ridge; the terminal cusp is sometimes barely discernible, appearing instead as a crest.’