Definition of paperboy in US English:



  • A boy who delivers newspapers to people's homes.

    • ‘He was the paper boy for a number of years, but grew so lazy that he often missed deliveries.’
    • ‘She conducted her affairs from her bed, even getting the paper boy to deliver the paper to her bedside every morning.’
    • ‘My first job was as a paper boy.’
    • ‘How do paper boys / girls manage today with probably 3 times the weight of papers as 35 years ago?’
    • ‘I rummaged in the garden for the newspaper and made a mental note to wake up at six thirty and throw a stone at the paper boy.’
    • ‘He had worked as a paper boy while he was at school and more recently in the engineering and concreting industry.’
    • ‘The circulation department rang every parent of every paper boy first, to check they were happy for their child to brave the weather.’
    • ‘Because I live in the middle of nowhere, the paper boy doesn't deliver this far into the wilderness, so I have to drive out to the next village and collect the newspaper myself.’
    • ‘When I was about ten, I had a stroke of good luck, and was able to talk my way into a job as a paper boy; a considerable accomplishment for a kid with no bike.’
    • ‘£1.00 is dreadful though and even paper boys and girls get more than that!’
    • ‘Finally, at 4 a.m., I decided I'd just go downstairs and wait for the paper boy to show up.’