Definition of paper doll in US English:

paper doll


  • A piece of paper cut or folded into the shape of a human figure.

    • ‘A group of five children in Old Washermenpet is spending the summer indoors making paper dolls and houses, doing crayon paintings, playing chess, scrabble, book cricket and hide and seek.’
    • ‘When I was little I used to love those paper dolls that you could cut out of kiddies' comics.’
    • ‘The style of popular children's paper dolls, with interchangeable two-dimension cut-out dresses, will characterize aspects of both the costumes and the decor.’
    • ‘Some of the boxes on view have survived with their original contents, among them a tabletop croquet set, and a child's box filled with paper dolls, a tea set, doll clothes, and a paint set.’
    • ‘Of course, every time I wanted to change ‘her’ clothes, I had to rip the tape off the doll, and it always took a piece of the paper doll with it.’