Definition of paper currency in US English:

paper currency


  • Money in the form of banknotes.

    ‘the amount of paper currency in circulation’
    • ‘He argued that the economic ills of the nation were caused by hard money, and that the cure lay in an abundant supply of paper currency instead of gold.’
    • ‘Their issues of paper currency were retired at their original purchasing-power values; depreciation was not a serious problem.’
    • ‘Paper currency probably has a limited lifespan because counterfeiters will eventually figure out how to duplicate anything.’
    • ‘That brings me to the universal fact of inflation which reduces the value of the paper currency from year to year.’
    • ‘I'm basing my comments about counterfeiting on the pre-Civil War American experience, where a multitude of paper currencies led to a multitude of counterfeiters.’
    • ‘Demand from investors is only likely to increase if various central banks continue with stimulus programmes which weaken the value of paper currency and increase inflation.’
    • ‘The Treasury Department says it plans to redesign our paper currency every 7 to 10 years to keep ahead of counterfeiters.’
    • ‘With paper currency, there is no intrinsic value.’
    • ‘The euro's creators know that no paper currency can exist forever.’
    • ‘As the paper currency began to circulate it gave an inflationary boost to the economy and interest rates fell.’