Definition of paper birch in US English:

paper birch

(also paperbark birch)


  • A North American birch with peeling white bark.

    Betula papyrifera, family Betulaceae

    • ‘Color and texture variations are provided by the soft, bright green needles of white pine, the broad leaves of red oak and black oak, the stark white trunks of paper birch, and the gray trunks of quaking aspen and big-tooth aspen.’
    • ‘Hoch found that when he tested species like paper birch, which remains brilliant yellow, the tree recovered nutrients just as well as its red-leaved cousins.’
    • ‘In the northwest, particularly in the wake of natural forest fires or controlled burns, quaking aspen and paper birch take over.’
    • ‘White spruce forest also includes paper birch and balsam poplar.’