Definition of paper-pusher in US English:



North American
  • A bureaucrat or menial clerical worker.

    ‘he will be more than a paper-pusher, administration sources said’
    • ‘Because many faculty deride administrators as paper-pushers who lack intellectual legitimacy, the maintenance of visible scholarship is likely to increase the chair's credibility.’
    • ‘The regulatory bodies have access to all the data themselves, not just the summaries, and they're not just paper-pushers, they're scientists and statisticians themselves.’
    • ‘But what is clear, is that twenty billion pounds of savings can't be found from just sacking civil servants or paper-pushers - there aren't enough of them for us to save that much.’
    • ‘Lowry is a different man entirely in his dreams: instead of a quiet paper-pusher, he sees himself as a winged superhero, an avenging angel soaring through blue skies to be with the woman he loves.’
    • ‘It is easy to stereotype these employees as mindless paper-pushers, but more than 15,000 job skills (from nuclear physicist to computer programmer to clerk typist) are included in the federal workforce.’



/ˈpāpər ˈpo͝oSHər//ˈpeɪpər ˈpʊʃər/