Definition of papalist in US English:



  • A supporter of the papacy, especially an advocate of papal supremacy.

    • ‘These priests are strong papalists who have taken to heart John Paul II's critique of modern society as the ‘culture of death.’’
    • ‘The most fanatical bull-on-the-breakfast-table papalist does not demand an order from the Pope before a Christian needs to behave like a decent person when faced by murder.’
    • ‘The current Court is ‘papalist,’ issuing edicts from the top down, and he suggests one remedy is for Congress to be more assertive in giving definition to the Constitution.’
    • ‘The entire context of Lumen gentium is inescapably ‘papalist,’ including an affirmation of papal authority stronger, if possible, than even Vatican I.’
    • ‘Aegidius Romanus, more commonly known as Giles of Rome, was one of the most influential of high papalist theologians in the latter half of the thirteenth century and early part of the fourteenth century.’