Definition of papal bull in US English:

papal bull


  • An edict issued by a pope.

    ‘an old papal bull of excommunication’
    • ‘In 1452 the Bishop of Rome spoke out and gave his official blessing in a papal bull.’
    • ‘The Beauforts were legitimated by papal bull in September 1396 and by royal patent the following February.’
    • ‘The bishop secured a papal bull of exemption from Canterbury's jurisdiction.’
    • ‘King James I put his name to the application for the Papal Bull which brought the university into being in 1411.’
    • ‘He suggested in a recent essay that the issuance of a letter patent by the English monarch was analogous to a European prince issuing a letter of marque, or the head of the Catholic Church issuing a papal bull.’
    • ‘The persecution of the Old Way continued and grew with the advent of the Papal Bull against Witches of Pope Innocent the VIII, in 1484.’
    • ‘A Papal Bull condemning astrology was issued by the exasperated Pope, and the Church's tolerance with astrology fell to an all-time low.’
    • ‘The envoys carried papal bulls for peace with Robert I, and for the reconciliation of Lancaster and the king.’
    • ‘The findings of the commission had a major bearing on the papal bull issued on 31 January 1623 in favour of such methods.’
    • ‘He executed numerous papal bulls, many relating to political affairs.’