Definition of panzer in US English:



  • A German armored vehicle, especially a tank used in World War II.

    as modifier ‘panzer divisions’
    • ‘The French adopted a rigidly set-piece defensive attitude, epitomized by the Maginot Line, while the Germans opted for fluid mobility, eventually epitomized by the panzer divisions.’
    • ‘With their motorized and panzer divisions, the German Fourth Army in the north and the Tenth in the south played a crucial role in the advance and demonstrated the efficacy of the blitzkrieg.’
    • ‘Will new forms of military organization be required, analogous to the fast carrier task forces and panzer divisions that transformed warfare in World War II?’
    • ‘Sixteen exhausted Soviet divisions were holding units of the 2nd and 3rd German panzer groups outside the encirclement ring.’
    • ‘Grouped into corps, the panzer divisions proved tactically and operationally decisive.’
    armoured vehicle, armoured car, combat vehicle
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From German Panzer, literally ‘coat of mail’.