Definition of pantomimic in US English:



  • See pantomime

    • ‘With pantomimic exaggeration, the Lord gestures to his left and then to his right.’
    • ‘That the other characters appear in a pantomimic assortment of costumes will add to a very self-consciously theatrical show.’
    • ‘During these dances, members of the audience are invited to come on stage and join in, but their efforts appear pantomimic, introducing a new element of comedy into the ritual aspects of the spectacle.’
    • ‘She was acclaimed more as a pantomimic artist than a classical dancer; in 1837 the Paris Opera refused to hire her on the grounds that she was not good enough.’
    • ‘The songs are tuneful, the dances energetic and the performances, while bordering on the pantomimic, still are believable enough to give the show an overall charm it is hard to resist.’