Definition of pani puri in US English:

pani puri

plural noun

  • (in Indian cooking) puff-pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potato and tamarind juice and then fried.

    • ‘Tiny, fragile domes of lentil-wafer come with a hole on top; once you ladle in a thin, spicy broth, they become the treat known as pani puri.’
    • ‘Sale of masala groundnuts and pani puri flourish during weekends.’
    • ‘Ambala offers seven types of tangy water with pani puri and Gujarat has its sweet-salty dabeli.’
    • ‘Sizzling rolls, spicy mirchi bajjis, stir-fried chowmein, crispy vadas or mouth-watering pani puris, the menu is as full as the main course.’
    • ‘Confusion and chaos that has its own flavour; odours and buzz of noise that never seems to stop and the best of kebabs and pani puris that you can eat, standing on the already-crowded footpath.’


From Hindi pānī ‘water’ and pūrī from Sanskrit pūrikā ‘small, fried wheaten cake’.


pani puri

/ˌpänē ˈpo͝orē/