Definition of Panglossian in US English:



  • See Pangloss

    • ‘The film suggests that US rehabilitation involves lots of hugs, tears, group chants, and saccharine effusions of Panglossian optimism.’
    • ‘In this Panglossian vision, the unfettered market economy is the best of all possible worlds.’
    • ‘Like Hammond, Athanasiou argues that the various modes of Panglossian optimism that envisage only win-win scenarios obscure the fact that humanity now faces some tough choices and problems.’
    • ‘It's a pleasant vision of the future, but maybe just a touch Panglossian.’
    • ‘The Panglossian optimism underpinning such remarks obscures other more serious flaws: To offset the shortfall in domestic savings, the US private sector has been borrowing from abroad.’