Definition of panfish in US English:



North American
  • A fish suitable for frying whole in a pan, especially one caught by an angler rather than bought.

    • ‘From there, you could grab a westbound bus on Lake Street, take a short ride, and be chasing panfish and largemouth bass at Lake Calhoun.’
    • ‘An approaching cool front is likely to trigger an excellent run of coastal panfish action, and upper-coast anglers are eager to intercept moving schools.’
    • ‘Big carp, even bigger buffalo and hundreds of panfish flopped helplessly in the pasture's tall fescue and dried up cow patties.’
    • ‘Loon Lake is rich with bass and panfish (the latter introduced by Warren's grandfather so that the children would have something easy to catch, and now, so do guests).’
    • ‘Crappie are delicious and the limit on the prolific panfish is generous.’
    • ‘The state's inland lakes and streams also teem with fish, including panfish, gamefish, and bullhead, catfish and carp.’
    • ‘There is no benefit from hanging an entire shrimp off a hook when fishing for coastal panfish.’
    • ‘Most panfish are found throughout the Florida mainland and the Florida Keys.’
    • ‘There's much more to know, however, if your aim is higher than at a ragtag box of miscellaneous panfish.’


[no object]often as noun panfishing
North American
  • Fish for panfish.

    ‘panfishing picks up considerably during the fall and spring’
    • ‘Game fishing, pan fishing and recreational boating are available on dozens of lakes accessible within 10 miles.’
    • ‘Success in crappie or panfishing often depends on being able to detect the slightest movement of the bait or the lightest nibble.’