Definition of Panamanian in US English:



  • Relating to Panama or its people.

    ‘the hot Panamanian morning sun’
    • ‘He is Panamanian by birth, but a New Yorker since age 4.’
    • ‘Panamanian Spanish is spoken very rapidly in a distinctive accent.’
    • ‘In the book's music section, Rodriguez writes about the Panamanian-born singer and actor's political activism.’
    • ‘Our Panamanian guide is an expert birdwatcher, and the leader is a naturalist.’
    • ‘Lively salsa - a mixture of Latin American popular music, rhythm and blues, jazz, and rock, is a Panamanian specialty.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Panama, or a person of Panamanian descent.

    ‘a number of Panamanians have played in the North American major leagues’
    • ‘Perez gave the Panamanians a 1-0 lead in the 13th minute.’
    • ‘A public referendum saw 76.8% of Panamanians vote in support of the project, as did the national assembly.’
    • ‘José, a Panamanian, organizes farm work.’
    • ‘Panamanians will celebrate their canal's anniversary with an evening of fireworks and a free concert.’
    • ‘The blend of local Panamanians, indigenous Indians and gringo ex-pats makes for a very intersting lifestyle and social circle.’