Definition of pan-German in US English:



  • 1Relating to or advocating pan-Germanism.

    • ‘It was only once the war began and Britain joined in that an extravagant pan-German annexationist program materialized.’
    • ‘Four of the twenty-one Pan-German deputies in the Reichstag defected to him.’
    • ‘Both expressed the view that German hegemony should extend throughout what came to be referred to in pan-German circles as Mitteleuropa.’
    • ‘Angell puzzled over how pre-World War I pan-German politicians could believe that German prosperity required a big battle fleet when the absence of one made no difference to the prosperity of Norway, Denmark or Holland.’
    • ‘The practical acquiescence of successive Austrian governments in the Tirol situation drove many moderate, patriotic Austrians into the extreme pan-German camp.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or including the former countries of both East and West Germany.
      • ‘That's the strongest such rise in the history of pan-German data and well above all forecasts.’
      • ‘A pan-German residential property investment company announces further investments for the second tranche of funds raised.’
      • ‘The first meeting of the European Social Fund Pan-German Committee is scheduled for 15 July in Frankfurt.’