Definition of pan-Arab in US English:



  • 1Relating to or involving all of the Arab states.

    ‘the major pan-Arab newspapers’
    • ‘The new envoy spoke to the pan-Arab news network on the eve of his first visit to Damascus since taking up the post.’
    • ‘The US news organizations showed few if any casualties, but European and pan-Arab channels showed far more.’
    • ‘The newspaper, one of the two largest pan-Arab dailies, shuttered its Baghdad bureau in December after insurgents threatened to blow it up.’
    • ‘His experience includes reporting positions at AP and Reuters, as well as with several prominent pan-Arab publications.’
    • ‘It is the first pan-Arab satellite channel to also broadcast in English.’
    • ‘One objective is a program for educational reform at the pan-Arab level.’
    • ‘Nothing negative was said by the pan-Arab media when this atrocity occurred on the streets of Fallujah.’
    • ‘BBC World Service is launching a pan-Arab marketing campaign to promote the BBC Arabic radio and online interactivity.’
    • ‘It is much more difficult for them to pursue their nuclear ambitions, according to what she told a pan-Arab television talk show.’
    • ‘It was worthwhile for the authors to examine these projects and strategies to build upon them a suggested pan-Arab environmental regime.’
    1. 1.1 Advocating the political alliance or union of all Arab states.
      ‘a pan-Arab movement’
      • ‘Pan-Arab nationalists were no less adamantly opposed, having their own purposes in mind for the region.’
      • ‘They believe that, as he won before, with the support of pan-Arab institutions, he will win again today, even from behind bars.’
      • ‘An attachment to national identity was nurtured and consistently emphasized by the leadership of these Arab states in their pan-Arab discourse.’
      • ‘He embodied Lebanon's hope of independent decision without abandoning pan-Arab interests.’
      • ‘Pan-Arab nationalism did not lift us from the bottom.’
      • ‘The very concept of an Arab state, of a state loyal to pan-Arab ideals, is a threat to Israel.’
      • ‘The opposition party has always endorsed the pan-Arab unity line.’
      • ‘The strategy was to prevent a coalition forming by playing on pan-Arab sentiment.’
      • ‘They see that pan-Arab reformation is the deepest meaning of our entry into Iraq.’
      • ‘These groups, movements, and associations, along with a coalition of several pan-Arab political parties, adopted the same viewpoint.’