Definition of palp in English:



  • another term for palpus
    • ‘In filibranchs and lamellibranchs, the ctenida trap the food particles in their mucous coating and transfer the food to the labial palps via ciliary action.’
    • ‘The constant current created by the cilia moves the mucus with any trapped particles to the cilia lining the labial palps.’
    • ‘At each change of palp he re-enters the start position and takes hold of the gift with his chelicerae.’
    • ‘The palps are sensory and manipulatory mouthparts that have another important function - they are the male sex organ.’
    • ‘Males were allowed only one palpal insertion with each mate as males are functionally sterile after each palp is used once, but sufficient sperm is transferred in a single copulation to fertilize all of the female's eggs.’
    • ‘Some individuals have both a tarsal claw and a distal spike on the same maxillary palp, demonstrating that the spike is not simply an abnormal tarsal claw.’
    • ‘Some are able to produce a hissing sound similar to snakes, when setae on the chelicerae and palp are rubbed together.’
    • ‘The Ciona crystallin is only expressed in the palps and in the otolith, the pigmented sister cell of the light-sensing ocellus.’
    • ‘In successful matings, the time of the first palpal insertion and which palp was inserted were noted.’
    • ‘The enlarged palps of males of several species, and the slight modification of the antennae in others, are associated with tactile displays.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin palpus, literally ‘feeler’.