Definition of Palouse in US English:


nounPlural Palouses

  • A member of a Sahaptin people inhabiting the Palouse River valley in southeastern Washington and northwestern Idaho.

    • ‘The Palouse are said to have separated from the Yakima.’
    • ‘The Nez Percé maintained friendly relations with most tribes of the Plateau area, including the Walla Walla, Yakima, Palouse, and Cayuse as well as other tribes to their north.’
    • ‘The Palouse are considered a Plateau tribe.’


  • Relating to the Palouse.

    • ‘In 1858, Wright's soldiers rounded up 800 to 900 horses apparently belonging to Tilcoax, a Palouse leader.’
    • ‘During 4 years of tests at 3 Palouse sites, Sierra's average yearly seed yield was 1,348 pounds per acre versus 1,274 for Dwelley.’
    • ‘Natural horsemen, they recognized that the animal's compact, powerful body and tough, striped hooves ideally suited it to the demands of the rugged Palouse country.’
    • ‘Some of those who met at the smoking lodge were Weyato Kakin, Helam Kawot, Two Moons, and the Palouse leader, Husis Kute.’
    • ‘It sits in the deep, deep springs that inspired the very name Kahlotus, a Palouse Indian word meaning ‘hole in the ground.’’
    • ‘In Washington, our earliest annuals are from the Northwestern and Palouse associations.’


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