Definition of Palouse in English:



  • A member of a Sahaptin people inhabiting the Palouse River valley in southeastern Washington and northwestern Idaho.

    • ‘The Palouse are considered a Plateau tribe.’
    • ‘The Nez Percé maintained friendly relations with most tribes of the Plateau area, including the Walla Walla, Yakima, Palouse, and Cayuse as well as other tribes to their north.’
    • ‘The Palouse are said to have separated from the Yakima.’


  • Relating to the Palouse.

    • ‘Some of those who met at the smoking lodge were Weyato Kakin, Helam Kawot, Two Moons, and the Palouse leader, Husis Kute.’
    • ‘In Washington, our earliest annuals are from the Northwestern and Palouse associations.’
    • ‘In 1858, Wright's soldiers rounded up 800 to 900 horses apparently belonging to Tilcoax, a Palouse leader.’
    • ‘During 4 years of tests at 3 Palouse sites, Sierra's average yearly seed yield was 1,348 pounds per acre versus 1,274 for Dwelley.’
    • ‘It sits in the deep, deep springs that inspired the very name Kahlotus, a Palouse Indian word meaning ‘hole in the ground.’’
    • ‘Natural horsemen, they recognized that the animal's compact, powerful body and tough, striped hooves ideally suited it to the demands of the rugged Palouse country.’


The name in their own language.