Definition of palmitic acid in US English:

palmitic acid


  • A solid saturated fatty acid obtained from palm oil and other vegetable and animal fats.

    Chemical formula: CH₃(CH₂)₁₄COOH

    • ‘Levels of the potentially harmful saturated fat palmitic acid were also 26 percent lower than in the milk of conventionally fed cows.’
    • ‘A common example is beeswax that is composed primarily of myricyl palmitate, formed by the reaction of palmitic acid with an alcohol.’
    • ‘Examples of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids are palmitic acid and linoleic acid, with 16 carbons and no double bonds, and 18 carbons with three double bonds, respectively.’
    • ‘When this esterifies with only a vegetable fat-based palmitic acid, it is considered a halal vitamin A for milk fortification.’
    • ‘One possibility, mentioned above, is that the palmitic acid is preferentially localized in the outer monolayer of each bilayer in the profile.’


Mid 19th century: palmitic from French palmitique, from palme (see palm).


palmitic acid

/pä(l)ˌmidik ˈasəd/