Definition of Palm Sunday in English:

Palm Sunday


  • The Sunday before Easter, when the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated in many Christian churches by processions in which palm fronds are carried.

    • ‘This Sunday has two titles, Palm Sunday and Sunday of the Passion.’
    • ‘These eight days, beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter commemorate the central drama of Christianity.’
    • ‘This is an Easter musical telling the story from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.’
    • ‘Verse 27 invites us to bind the festal procession with branches, gathering up Palm Sunday as well as Good Friday.’
    • ‘But in America people come to church on Palm Sunday and again on Easter, with no services in between.’
    • ‘The Christian world yesterday celebrated Palm Sunday, a very significant day when Jesus Christ entered the city of Jerusalem triumphantly just before his crucifiction.’
    • ‘For several years the church has led its Palm Sunday procession from the parish hall in Long Street to the church, but this year was the first time a longer route led by a donkey has been taken.’
    • ‘This Sunday the Easter week ceremonies will commence with the Palm Sunday procession in all the parishes of the district - Croom, Manister and Banogue.’
    • ‘This hymn is not directly related to either Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday.’
    • ‘Sure, my parents took my brother and sister and me to church the occasional Easter and Palm Sunday but we never went long enough to absorb what the pastor talked about.’


Palm Sunday

/ˌpɑ(l)m ˈsənˌdeɪ/