Definition of palindromic in US English:



  • See palindrome

    • ‘I think it's funny when we get palindromic dates, but we wont have another one till like 01.11. 10.’
    • ‘The work was one piece of a cutting-edge Festival exhibition, given the palindromic name Strategy-Get-Arts.’
    • ‘He had a real thing about palindromic dates, and even when he left, old pupils used to write to him on dates such as 9/9 / 99 claiming their Polos.’
    • ‘Lest we be accused of inducing panic, it's worth pointing out that the last perfect palindromic date was February 10 this year - 10/02 / 2001-when not a lot happened.’
    • ‘101 is of course the first three figure number to be palindromic.’